Winter Engagement Photo Outfits: Ideas for Couples

If you’re recently engaged and planning your winter wedding, congratulations! It is such a beautiful time of year to get married. As you start making plans for your big day, don’t forget about your engagement photos!

Choosing the right outfit for your winter engagement photos can be tricky, but it’s so important. After all, these are the photos that will hang on your wall and remind you of this special time in your life forever.

To help you pick the perfect outfit, we’ve put together some great examples for winter engagement photo outfit ideas for couples. Keep reading to see our top picks!

Style Tips for  Winter Engagement Photo Session

When cold weather  rolls around, it can be tough to figure out what winter engagement photo outfits will flatter you and your loved one in snowy setting photos. The situation is complicated by the cold temperature outside, you should not only look well but stay warm during the engagement shoot. To make things easier for you, here are some winter style tips to consider for your winter engagement session. 

First, think about attending the photoshoot wearing winter pieces that match in color tone. Cozy knit sweaters and tights, or even rugged boots based around a certain wintery palette all look great.

Next, embrace winter prints like plaids or floral winter hues. Invest in pretty wintery-colored jewelry such as emerald greens or frosty blues – they will pop against the winter white background. 

Furthermore, have fun layering accessories! Choose accessories suitable for this season – such as hats and mittens – that bring an element of fun and personality to the photo session. Accessories are the answer to the eternal question how to look stylish in freezing weather.

Finally, complete your look with a winter-inspired bouquet of evergreens and pine cones – it’s an eye catching way to showcase your style!

With these winter style tips in mind, you’re sure to have beautiful winter engagement photos that will last a lifetime!

Winter Engagement Photo Outfits for Men

Most guys are sure that cold weather engagement photos can be tricky to dress for. But you have, at least, in several fail-proof looks:

  • A wool coat or sweater with a button-down shirt underneath; 
  • A cozy fisherman’s sweater accompanied by a pair of classic jeans;
  • A wool coat, turtleneck sweater and chinos;
  • A casual leather jacket over a darker jeans-and-tee combo;
  •  Down filled vests with fitted scarves.

To top it off, there is some more advice for men to follow – pay attention to the custom fit and timeless look that provide the perfect combination of style, comfort, and warmth and will be sure to make even the chilliest weather enjoyable for your shoot. When styling it up, add some contrast by sticking to complimentary colors or add a colorful or patterned tie or pocket square for a little something extra. 

Pick out an outfit that’s true to your personality and you’ll have the kind of photos where you look interested in and enamored with each other — which is after all, what engagement photos are all about.

Winter Engagement Photo Outfits for Women

When it comes to cold weather engagement photos, the winter wardrobe can be intimidating. Women have a wide variety of cold weather engagement photo outfits to choose from. With plenty of layering and accessorizing options, you can take any cold-weather outfit and make it special for your photoshoot! Whether you go for a cozy look with knitwear and boots, or bring out the sparkle with a sequin dress and bolero jacket, there are endless possibilities to make your winter themed engagement photo session just perfect! Accessorize with some festive touches like a wooly hat or warm scarf to add an extra element of seasonal magic to your cold weather engagement outfits. Check some women winter outfit ideas below to find your inspiration:

  • A cozy beige/camel midi sweater dress;
  • A sleek velvet dress and edgy leather jacket combination;
  • A simple silk dress with a faux fur coat or shawl;
  • A chiffon maxi skirt and a sweet cropped cardigan;
  • An ivory puff-sleeve top with blue jeans;
  • An ivory sweater with maxi dress in one color scheme.

With this cold weather ensemble, you’re sure to look both stylish and warm in your engagement photos!

Summing Up

Now that you know what to wear, it’s time to start planning your winter engagement photoshoot! If you’re not sure where to start, try reaching out to a local photographer. They should be able to give you some great ideas and help make your vision come to life. Don’t forget to have fun with it and enjoy this special time in your relationship!


What colors to wear for winter engagement photos?

When it comes to colors for your winter engagement photos, there are a few classic options that look great in photos. Dark colors like navy, black, and gray are always stylish and timeless choices. For something a bit more subtle and romantic, try shades of cream, blush pink, or light blue.

Can I wear jeans for engagement photos?

Yes, you can definitely wear jeans for engagement photos! Jeans are a great way to add a casual, comfortable touch to your outfit.

How can I make my photos look wintery?

There are a few things you can do to make your photos look wintry and festive. Start by picking an outdoor location that’s close to some snow or icy water for a truly wintery feel. Then, add some seasonal props like holiday decorations or pine cones to give the photos a bit of extra charm.

Should you have multiple outfits for engagement photos?

Having multiple outfits for engagement photos is a great way to add variety and creativity to your photos. You can also use different outfits to reflect different parts of your relationship – for example, a more casual look for outdoor shots and a more formal look for indoor ones.